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             As a former insurance agent, I've seen how a well crafted Wind Mitigation Report or Four Point Inspection can streamline an application. Having a partner in the inspection process who understands the agent's role in addition to having many years of professional experience as a State Certified Building Contractor; improves the process for everyone involved from the homeowner to the underwriter.

    If you are a homeowner and your insurance agent, real estate agent, or mortgage officer referred you here it is because they trust us to do your inspections accurately and process your reports in a manner that is timely and properly formatted for your insurance carrier. When it comes to Wind Mitigation Inspections there are hundreds of dollars in mandatory discounts and credits that the insurance company is obligated to apply to your policy. But without accurate documentation they won't give them to you. We know what they are looking for and how to document the features of your home to maximize those credits. The Four Point and Roof Certification Reports are eligibility inspections, meaning due to the age of your home or roof the insurance carrier wants assurance that your roof and primary mechanical systems are doing their job and are not in need of immediate repair. The insurance carrier can deny you coverage or renewal without a passing report. Once again our experience processing hundreds of these inspections, as licensed insurance agents, gives us a unique perspective the average inspector just does not have. Our years of home building and remodeling experience as State Certified Building Contractors coupled with hundreds of hours of inspection certification coursework give us the technical expertise that you can rely on to stand behind our reports! Review our "sample reports page" and our "what's inspected page" to learn more.