What's Inspected During an Insurance Inspection

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A Four Point Inspection covers the four primary areas of your home that are of particular concern for your insurance company. They are your roof, electrical system, plumbing, and HVAC (Air Conditioning).






Your roof should be free of major defects, be leak free, and have at least 3 years of serviceable life left.

There should be no signs of active leaks in the home.









Your electric panel will be inspected. It needs to be free of defects like single strand aluminum wiring and double tapped or damaged breakers. Older panels and fuse boxes can present issues for insurers. The overall electric system needs to be functioning properly with GFI circuits in the wet areas and no signs of damaged wiring or hazards.                                                                       









Your plumbing system will be checked for updates and serviceability. We will be checking the age and installation of your water heater, the overall condition of your pipes, and will be looking for polybutyl piping which is a trouble prone pipe system used briefly in the 70's












Your HVAC System will be inspected to ensure it is working properly. Faulty A/C systems can lead to mold issues which can be costly to remediate. We will also inspect for the presence of space heaters and wood burning stoves.