Why Agents Inspection Service?

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     It goes back to the bust that followed the wild building boom years of the mid 2000’s. My Southwest Florida construction company had taken a hard fall and I decided to try my luck at insurance, again. I had worked for Liberty Mutual for many years before I had moved to Florida and it had become obvious that new home construction was not coming back anytime soon. I had always enjoyed selling insurance so I started studying and eventually passed my 2-20 License exam. Fortunate enough to be hired by a local agency despite my lack of “recent” insurance experience. My second insurance career began.
     So let me first say that I know how hard you need to work to get and retain clients! I have a lot of respect for what you do!!! Your job is definitely harder than mine!!! Our insurance agency had an inspection guy that was good. His name was Chris. He excelled at service like we did. He promptly returned our emails and phone calls. He treated our clients with respect; always on time, neat and courteous. He got the easy parts right too! His inspections were always complete, they were always signed by the client. The photos were clear… you could always see that third nail! His reports were a single PDF that didn’t take an hour to upload to underwriting one picture at a time.
     That’s why it always amazed me when I would get a client who came with their own Wind Mitigation Report or Four Point from the home inspector and it would be twenty separate files that I would have to load up individually or worse it would be unsigned by the client. Having to email it back to the client who would then have to figure out printing, signing, and scanning or faxing it back to us was such a chore. Worst, however was having to back track on credits and explain why there was an outstanding bill for a couple hundred dollars weeks later when underwriting didn’t like the inspection. It wasn’t always the inspector’s fault but if the photos didn’t back up the report in my opinion it was an error that should have been avoided.
     So I don’t really think my job is rocket science. But at Agents Inspection Services we know that it’s more than just an accurate report and that how we do business has a direct reflection on how well your business functions. We can make a difference for you in providing your clients service in a way that helps you as well as secures them all the credits they deserve!
-Bill Reid
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